Introduction to Bizible

With Bizible Discover you can make a direct connection between your marketing spend and closed-won revenue. In Introduction to Bizible, you’ll learn everything you need to know about attribution and tracking in Bizible, how Bizible works, and models you can use to report on attribution. You’ll also learn how to use Bizible Discover dashboards to understand marketing performance, so that you can improve your campaigns and orchestrate them across multiple channels.

Learn to:

  • Use Bizible to understand your marketing data
  • Identify the marketing programs that are generating the most leads and revenue
  • Determine which activities generated revenue most effectively
  • Select the most engaged target accounts for outreach
    • specifically which online and offline campaigns are worth pursuing
    • which stages in the marketing cycle are most important to meeting your marketing goals
  • Generate basic Salesforce reports
  • Create reports using Bizible Discover

Access Period: 6 months from purchase date

Introduction to Bizible
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